Minimize the cost of bringing back or retrieving often empty containers, by barge or not. Your available or requested empty goods are managed online in an easy way.

Demand and supply

Thanks to our system it is possible to make your available or requested empty goods known. Members dispose this way of the possibility to book containers or to file a request to bring a certain container (empty or full). You of course will make the end decision (approval or refusal).

Using your personal given rates for for example handlings, the other party knows immediately your conditions when filing his request. This avoids discussion afterwards.

Manage your barges

When your barge can ship with a complete occupation, we don’t have to tell you this is the most advantageous situation. But we often notice that this is realized a lot easier on paper than in reality.

Our platform offers you the possibility to manage your barges and offer the remaining capacity this way to a third party. Then these companies have the possibility to book slots, in case this fits their planning. This way their container can be brought along to or taken away from the harbour by barge.

Approve or refuse a proposal? Again, you decide.

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