Industry and shippers

The efficient offering of transport assignments and booking slots, realized in a user friendly way in a personal and safe market.

Time- and cost-saving

Rides are added in just a few seconds. By using our API solutions, you load assignments immediately on the Webcotrans-platform. This doesn’t only save you time, but reduces also the risk of errors.

Answering often unnecessary phone calls and/or e-mails belongs definitively to the past. All necessary information is immediately available for the other party after sale and can always be requested online.

Your personal safe market

Within the platform you determine completely yourself which users can look at your offer and execute your assignment.

Thanks to the function 'Subcontractors’ you have the possibility to give priority to your (current) fixed subcontractors for your assignments. Your fixed subcontractors can’t perform the assignment? Then our system can ensure automatically that the other members get to see this offer in a timely way. The risk of an unexecuted assignment is minimized that way.

Did you know by the way that it’s possible to make an extra division within your group of subcontractors for example per country or region?

Online bookings (timeslots)

Often companies with their own loading and unloading quay like to have a clear overview of the shipping agents that come to load or unload on a certain day and at a certain time.

Within the platform, as a company, you can manage your quays yourself and give (external) shipping agents or dispatching agents the possibility to book by using timeslots. Bookings that you can adjust at any time to drag them for example to other loading or unloading quays. Once your planning is considered definitive, all 'changed' parties are notified about it.

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