Dispatching agents

Dividing your transport assignments in an easy and time- and cost-saving way among your shipping agents, fixed or not. Selling rides was never so simple.

New client?

You have an assignment for a (possible) client, possibly in a region where you haven’t been active so far. How do you deal with it? What is the correct price for it that you can communicate to the client? How do you search for shipping agents? We help you out!

Many online functions, among which a tool 'Offers', help you to perform your daily task as efficient as possible.

Reduce the risk of not selling

When adding assignments you can distinguish your fixed subcontractors, which you can divide in different groups and levels, from the other shipping agents who are member.

Your fixed group of shipping agents can’t execute an assignment? In the past you had to get your phone in that case to call your contact persons with other companies.

Thanks to an extra possibility, built in in the platform, to automatically propose assignments without obligation to the other member-shipping agents, you reduce the risk of not selling. Handy, right?

Reuse a container in just a few clicks

For a lot of shipping companies the request for reuse is more an administrative function. Moreover, every shipping company also has a fixed standard that has to be used, different e-mail addresses depending on location... This belongs to the past.

Thanks to our platform, the reuse can be requested in just a few clicks. By a smart connection this arrives with the right person who will evaluate and answer your reuse. You can read his answer anytime online. Moreover, in case of updates we like to notify you automatically per e-mail.

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