Webcotrans updates independent exchange platform

Webcotrans Organisation has just launched its latest container transport exchange platform. The focus was on time optimisation through an upload/EDI/API.

Distribute container transport assignments amongst your fixed subcontractors or third parties with 1 click of your mouse. "We can convert a saving in time into costs savings because users can offer their transport assignments through an EDI or API connection or by uploading an XML file," says Niels Mariën, founder of Webcotrans. "In this latest version, the focus was not just on automation, but our click analysis was also taken into account." An analysis that registers which pages or functions are most frequently consulted and whether they can be called up as efficiently and effectively as possible.

"The client can determine at any time which parties can and which cannot consult the offered transport assignments," indicated Mariën. "Managing an extensive subcontractor module and a blocked list of users who you would prefer not to use ensures that your transport assignment becomes visible to the right party. You, as the one placing the assignment, are the one who will ultimately determine to whom you will grant the transport assignment and which rate you agree," he explains.

The new Webcotrans version is only the beginning. "As a provider of a platform, you simple must be innovative and must want to improve continuously. Our organisation still has a long to-do list and this will mean that we can offer an update at least once a month. This may concern an expansion of an existing functionality but also launching an entirely new module. An example would be a tool for calling for and monitoring tenders," says Mariën.

Webcotrans has been developed for all container transport parties. Data will be checked after registering by both Webcotrans Organisation and their affiliated members to determine the credibility of those who have registered. The Webcotrans user will pay 2.50 euro for every purchased transport assignment.