Personal and safe is a closed, though open platform within a highly secured IT environment. You completely determine yourself about who can see your offer, or to whom it remains invisible.

Hierarchical visibility

When adding transport assignments a built in hierarchy is taken into consideration within the platform.

With the registration every company is assigned a category (shipping agent, dispatching agent or industry) that limits automatically the visibility for others. This way industries don’t see an offer of others. But this is however visible to dispatching agents and shipping agents. The offer of dispatching agents is in its turn visible for all shipping agents, but remains hidden for industries and dispatching agents.

Is this standard provision not sufficient? Then you can still decide per company to activate or deactivate their visibility. Because you are informed every time per e-mail when a new member has registered.

Personal market

The function 'Subcontractors' ensures that you have the possibility to give your (current) fixed subcontractors priority for your assignments. Moreover, you can divide these subcontractors again according to client, region... together with a level of visibility (work in pools).

Are your fixed subcontractors not able to execute the assignment? Then our system can ensure automatically that other members see this offer in a timely way. The risk of a unexecuted assignment is minimized this way.


Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is used for the security of the internet connection for sending data. Think of client details, container numbers, PINs, passwords... Thanks to an SSL-connection all the data traffic between users and Webcotrans Organisation is coded and in others words not legible for third parties.

So we at Webcotrans Organisation think security is crucial.


Webcotrans Organisation invests continuously in new technologies and innovations. This way the reliability of our services is guaranteed with an availability of 99,99 %. Moreover, our web- and application servers as well as our network equipment are placed in the severely secured installations of our leading technology partner.

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