A user friendly and comprehensive platform: that’s what we aim for. To give and let communicate the whole mass of information in a clear way.

Our users

From a limited IT knowledge to a vast experience... The users of our exchange platform are very different, but they envision the same goal. An exchange platform brings along a lot of important assignment information that our IT department, together with the graphic designer, runs through step by step. This way we ensure that all this information is represented in a user friendly way.

As a company we dare to look at our platform in a neutral and critical way and we examine whether the system is really easy to use for all users.

Do you still have questions and/or remarks during the use? Then have a look at our Support-page.


Every new and existing function is regularly examined with the so called 'Click'-analysis. In reality this means that we check the different possibilities within our platform for 'unnecessary' clicks.

This process contains more than just the clicks. When we can simplify a certain function and increase at the same time the user-friendliness, we love to make the adjustment. Because a system has to simplify, speed up the processes. Regular updates are crucial for this.

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