Document storage

The online storage and linking of important e-mails or documents (CMR, customs, invoices...) ensure that you can find them back easily anytime.

Assignment specific

Every assignment goes together with several e-mails and/or fax messages. Some documents are delivered however digitally. E-mails had to be dragged in the correct folders. This all belongs definitively to the past.

As soon as you offered or bought a transport assignment, you dispose of the possibility to link documents to this assignment. Think of CMR, invoices... Everything in one clear screen, linked to your own reference and to the possibility to store this immediately locally.

Accessible everywhere

Every attachment that you linked to a certain transport assignment is stored online in a secured environment.

In the office, at home or on holiday? With your computer, laptop or even smartphone and your personal username and password you can check your loaded documents always and everywhere

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