Client identity

After registration every user is manually checked, partly by our members that already exist. A larger transparency for two potential business partners is what counts!


As soon as new users register themselves, they are subjected to a manual check by Webcotrans Organisation before they are granted access.

Once this check has been completed successfully, all members receive a message about it. This e-mail has in first instance an informative function, but also contains specific buttons such as 'I’m not familiar with this company' or 'This company is not active in container transport'. These statistics are kept per user. In case this company is not yet known to many users, an extra check will be executed.


Per user one can access which certificates this company has and which certificates were confirmed by Webcotrans Organisation.

This way you know immediately whether the interested party may actually perform your transport assignment (for example ADR).


Per sold transport assignment both parties have the possibility to assign each other a score. This way other users already get an impression from the start of their business relationship about the (possibly) unknown company.

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